The Best Pizzerias in Pula Worth Tasting

We’re breaking down the most recommended and best pizzerias in Pula because there’s nothing quite as comforting as a good slice of pizza! Pizzas are a core staple in Istrian culture and when you visit Pula, you’ll notice numerous local pizzerias and small stalls offering these delicious pies. They’re great on the go when you’re sightseeing and they’re also a great place to dine with family and friends. With so many varieties of pizza available we have listed our recommended pizzerias in Pula. Keep reading to dig into the details!


Pizzeria Jupiter is a longstanding and one of the best pizzerias in Pula. It’s been owned and operated by generations of the same family, and it is still going strong. It is centrally located in Pula’s Old City district which makes it super convenient if you’re already in town doing some exploring. The current owner of the pizzeria also kept the prices the same following Croatia’s entry to the Eurozone in 2023 which speaks volumes about the meaning of the restaurant for the family. This recommended pizzeria in Pula made it on our list because of the homey ambiance, delicious pizzas with the perfect thin crust, friendly service, and location. The pizzeria also serves up other specialties including pasta with truffles and tuna steak. When you’re already in town, make a pit stop at this iconic family restaurant where we’re sure you won’t regret having a delicious bite of their pizzas.


Not only is Tivoli one of the best pizzerias in Pula, but it is also a very popular pizzeria among the locals. We believe the secret is in their garlic oil condiment that is available at every table. Specializing in these delectable savory pies, diners are spoiled for choice when it comes to the pizza varieties, and for those with a ravenous appetite, worry not because they also offer jumbo-sized pizzas. We included Tivoli as a recommended pizzeria in Pula for its quality pizzas and energized staff, but also for its semi-open kitchen and interior design. The space is bright, open, and inviting. They have also provided an outdoor kid’s corner for the younger guests to burn their energy after a full meal.


Our next choice for recommended pizzerias in Pula is the relatively new Pizzeria Maximillian at MaxCity. This pizzeria takes a modern approach to the usual pizzas often served in Pula and they do masterfully execute it. With unique topping combinations such as ricotta, hazelnuts, and pancetta and their signature light and fluffy pizza crust, Pizzeria Maximillian stands apart as our pick for one of the best pizzerias in Pula! Treat yourself to some retail therapy and afterward, recharge your batteries with modern, elevated pizzas.

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Large portions, great prices, and addictive pizzas are some of the reasons why Pizzeria Lema makes it in our list of recommended pizzerias in Pula. Lema’s pizza crust achieves a delicate perfection between thickness and fluffiness creating a perfect base to absorb all that tasty pizza sauce and cheese blend! As one of the best pizzerias in Pula, Lema is a favorite among the locals as they stick to classic topping varieties and quality ingredients making it even more pleasurable to indulge in. Parking to reach this location is quite difficult, but luckily they offer fast delivery services for days when you want to lounge at the campsite.

Pizzeria Nina

The cozy and family-friendly Pizzeria Nina in Banjole has tasty pizzas and a spacious outdoor space that is perfect for the summer weather. As one of our recommended pizzerias in Pula, we particularly appreciate the friendly service and ideal portion sizes of their pizzas. There are ample pizza varieties to satisfy even the pickiest eaters and pizza connoisseurs. Located near Camp Diana, Pizzeria Nina is an ideal restaurant for a friendly neighborhood dining experience, particularly during the summer nights.

The best pizzerias in Pula excel at food quality, taste, service, and dining experience and it also sets them apart from the dozens of places that also offer pizza. Combining traditional techniques and ingredients of pizza-making with Istrian products and hospitality makes our recommended pizzerias in Pula all the more special. The next time you’re craving something authentic and savory, opt for one of the pizzerias we listed above. We promise you’ll leave with a happy belly!