The Lowdown about Biking in Medulin, Istria

If you have decided to stay at Camp Diana – welcome – and get ready to go biking in Medulin! We are always busy working on new projects for the website and this blog post is the latest one yet. Visitors choose Istria to vacation not only for its beauty but also for the thrill! The peninsula is often marketed as ‘Blue and Green Istria’ thanks to its plentiful nature and its close proximity to the Adriatic Sea. But we’re not here to give you a geography lesson! In fact, this blog post is a dedicated summary of all things biking.

We have included biking regulations, bike signage, bike rental shops and services, and last but not least – bike routes! Our team member, Kristijan, has parsed through the numerous (seriously, there are a lot!) bike routes available on Istria Bike and selected the ones that are strategically close to our campsite. The routes you will find here are mostly from the Pula and Medulin municipalities since Banjole is positioned in between these two key areas.

The only catch to enjoying these bike routes is that you must download a GPX app to access the GPS coordinates. Once you have that ready then you are good to go. We wish you an exciting and beautiful biking experience because biking in Istria.. there’s really none like it!

Bike Routes

Visitors have many options to go biking in Medulin and our selected bike routes proves just that. Please note that we are not responsible for creating the map coordinates although Kristijan has personally undertaken some of the bike routes. Many of the routes listed below will ensure that you avoid main roads thus avoiding contact with automobiles and motorbikes/scooters.

No matter the distance, always follow safe biking practices especially in the summer when it can be scorching hot. Hover over the bike route name and you will be redirected to a designated webpage.