How to Elevate Your Camping Medulin Experience This Summer

Opting for a camping Medulin experience means signing up for adventurous days full of excitement, adrenaline, relaxation, and joy! The Medulin Riviera offers a wide array of activities for the whole family that really highlights the area’s breathtaking landscapes and marine ecosystem. No one will be left behind and they will certainly not feel bored because there is plenty of history, culture, and nature to take in!

The advantage of vacationing in Croatia is that there is plenty to do, see, and explore and it’s also very safe. Istria, in particular, is at its best during the Summer when the sun is at its prime and the Adriatic glistens invitingly. It’s not all about the sunshine and sea though! Part of the camping Medulin journey is to find yourself immersed in the rich stories of this famous municipality hence you will often find performances available during your stay. Like we said, there’s a lot to do so let’s jump it and find out a few ways you can do to enhance your camping Medulin experience!

Visit Cape Kamenjak

You may have seen Cape Kamejak or Kamenjak Nature Park written in the recommendations or brochures about Medulin as it is a top-rated destination among the locals and tourists! This popular site is an excellent tourist destination offering plenty to explore on land and underwater. Mountain bike enthusiasts will fall in love with Cape Kamenjak as it has plenty of challenging terrain and hills – just be sure to wear proper gear. 

If you are opting for slower-paced activities, don’t fret because Kamenjak is seaside so you can go snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, sunbathing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle (SUP) or swimming. You will find booths to rent equipment such as a SUP board and for windsurfing. When you find yourself thirsty or hungry after all the water activities, you can stop over at the renowned Safari Bar or any of the available agrotourism, bars, or restaurants in the vicinity.

Cape Kamenja is a protected park thus much of the flora and fauna remains untouched and the government and societies prefer to keep it that way. While there are no particularly dangerous wild animals in the park, just keep in mind that you might come across snakes, birds, boars, and deers during your stay. As you would guess, we advise against interfering with wild animals for your own safety. Other than that, Cape Kamenjak is a wonderful place to spend the entire day with your loved ones when you go camping in Medulin!

Go Under the Sea or Coast the Terrain

Underwater might take on a different meaning when you explore the Adriatic Sea using a submarine scooter. This unique activity is certainly going to elevate your camping Medulin experience during your brief underwater journey with family or friends. With the Adriatic Sea central to Medulin’s geography, you can bet on other water sports activities to engage in during your stay in this beautiful area.

If you would like to stay dry and on land then you can choose a quad tour to explore the multiple viewpoints across Cape Kamenjak and the surrounding areas. Medulin is blessed with scenic natural views and with a quad tour, you can go deep into the heart of its nature parks and seaside destinations. Visitors further have the choice of going horseback riding which has been particularly popular amongst travellers with children. The beauty of having both land and water is that, during your camping Medulin vacation, you won’t need to choose whether to stay on the ground or below the surface as all you have to do is say ‘Yes!’ to the day!

Watch Local Performances

Medulin comes alive in the summertime because with so much beauty and buzz during this time of the year, you must simply revel and be immersed in happiness. As such, visitors of all age groups will be treated to several exciting events (mostly held in the evening) showcasing local artisans’ handicrafts to Istrian gastronomic delights. 

Beyond art and food, the Medulin Tourism Board also hosts a wide range of musical, theatrical, and dance performances on selected days. Re-enactments of ancient Roman life in the Istrian peninsula, as well as singing performances in an abandoned stone quarry, are just some of the ways you can spice up your vacation!

The exhibitions or fairs that take place in Medulin during the summertime also showcase the best products of local craftsmen – of whom many have continued decades-long traditions of wood carving, distillery, honey production, and more. For travelers who love to shop or would like to bring back a few things home to remind them of Istria, these exhibitions are great for this! Istria is especially famous for its olive oil, salami, and cheese products which are often showcased during these public events so don’t miss out!

Escape the Coastline

Forget about the crowds or the people or the world. Remember the sea, the birds, the sun, and the fresh air. It’s all possible when you rent a yacht or a boat and don’t worry if you do not have a license to drive a boat because some of the boat services are inclusive of skipper services. All you need to do is relax and take in all the vitamin sea to mark an incredible camping Medulin experience!

After all, it’s not so often that you get the chance to have a boat to yourself and go swimming in the crystal clear blue sea in the privacy of your own family or friends. Renting a boat is an excellent way to truly step aside from the busy crowds and unplug from daily life. It is a particularly excellent splurging option if you are in search of some privacy.

We warn you that it is not advisable to charter a yacht or boat when you do not have the proper paperwork because the fee if caught by the police is a large sum. Be wary that some renters may still allow you to rent their boats/yachts without you having a skipper license, but just know of the consequences if you agree.