How Croatia’s Euro Adoption and Schengen Entry in 2023 Affects You

Following a unanimous European Union (EU) decision on 8 December 2022, Croatia was given the all-clear to join the Schengen Zone. To further deepen its European integration, Croatia was also approved to join the Eurozone, which ended the Croatian Kuna (HRK). These two big moments for Croatia took effect on 1 January 2023 and this will change how you travel in the EU!

Travellers entering Croatia will no longer face border controls on land and sea with restrictions expected to be lifted via air after 26 March 2023. The long queues that many of our guests entering Istria faced during the peak Summer season will be no more – rejoice! Essentially, entering Croatia (and Istria!) will be faster and increasingly hassle-free.

While the Croatian government and related entities are adjusting to the national currency switch from HRK to the Euro, the most important info guests need to remember is the fixed conversion rate: 1 € = 7.53450 HRK. Prices of items sold in stores, restaurants, cafes, etc will be displayed in HRK and EUR to prevent the risk of consumer scams. We advise that you save the conversion rate somewhere on your phone’s Notes application so you can tally up your own costs whenever you spend money. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that service providers and tradesmen will try to unfairly charge you although it is being gradually resolved by the government and related Parties.

If you are staying with Camp Diana, there won’t be many changes following the Euro and Schengen updates. Our prices have always used the EUR and until 2022, we accepted both EUR and HRK payments. The intro of the Euro will make it far easier for our guests to calculate their stay and pay! Despite the continuous rise in living costs, our Camp Diana Family has decided to not raise our prices as we want families to continue vacationing during these difficult times. We hope to welcome you in person this summer!

Camp Diana Family