Don’t Skip the Seafood in Istria!

It is a sin to skip the seafood in Istria and we’ll tell you why. Istria has a long and proud history in fishing which is still practiced today. Banjole, where we’re at, was a fishing village before it evolved as a tourist destination. In fact, there once stood a fish factory in the village where Camp Diana’s ancestors worked at. Pretty cool, huh? Nowadays, you will see more people swimming and sunbathing in or near the waters of Banjole’s many beaches, but occasionally, you will also see fishermen out in the water doing their usual round.

The Adriatic Sea has around 400 different species of fish and marine inhabitants though the most common type of seafood offered at stores and restaurants are trout (‘pastrva’), squid (‘lignja’), anchovy (‘inćuni), and sea bass (‘brancin’). However, you can also get tuna, hake, flounder, and octopus too. The region’s generations-old tradition of fishing ultimately translates to quality and ultra-fresh seafood.

It is for this reason that when you vacation in Istria, you shan’t skip an opportunity to try the seafood. Have it fresh, grilled, fried, battered, or however you like it. At some restaurants, the waiters or waitresses will bring out a whole platter of fresh fish and seafood that you can select to order. That’s how you know you’re getting the freshest fish!

Best Seafood Restaurants around Medulin Area

When our team is not busy managing the campsite and being at the disposal of our guests, we enjoy savoring the many dishes one can possibly find throughout the region. We’re fortunate to have access to fresh seafood in Istria no matter the time of year although it’s hard to beat enjoying some grilled seafood during the Summer. We are not food experts or food critics nor do we claim to be. but we are foodies.

Delighting in dishes across the peninsula has been difficult, but someone’s got to do it! Below you will find five (5) suggestions to savor some delectable seafood from the Adriatic around the Medulin and Pula area. We’ve kept the list short because variety isn’t always the spice of life. Hopefully, our restaurant recommendations open up a door of mouthwatering experiences as you make your way across our home!

  1. Konoba Batelina, Banjole

Address: Čimulje 25, 52100, Banjole

Phone: +38552573767

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday, 5 PM – 11 PM

Walk a few meters from Camp Diana and you will find our friends at Konoba Batelina warmly greet you inside their tavern. The intimate location may appear simple from the exterior, but it is actually a Michelin-star restaurant – one of only a few in Croatia!

At Batelina, you can try Istrian seafood in soups, salads, grilled dishes, pasta, stews, and many more ways. Its Michelin-star accolade is representative of the food you will be served and the service you will experience: delicious, quality, and homey.

2. Šćuza Pomer, Pomer

Address: Pomer 109, 52100, Pomer

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday, 12 Noon – 11 PM

The name may be difficult to pronounce for foreigners, but luckily Šćuza Pomer serves up dishes that are easy to say: Delicious! At their outdoor location, you can wine & dine while watching the sunset overlooking people wakeboarding or children swimming.

The owners and chefs at Šćuza Pomer purchase the seafood offered at their restaurant direct from local fishermen, therefore, giving you the best quality ingredients available. The wines offered are also from local vendors and what we love most is they’ve kept their menu simple highlighting the flavors of the sea in your meals.

3. Konoba Taj, Pula

Address: Škokovica 23, 52100, Pula

Phone: +38599 420 4900

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday, 12 Noon – 12 Midnight

Family-run Konoba Taj is a hidden gem of a restaurant in Pula as it is located in a neighborhood just outside of the Old Town. It has been serving up Istrian staple dishes that are a massive hit with the locals and foreigners alike.

The outdoor restaurant specializes in Istrian food including dishes that include seafood! Taste the sea in your next plate of pasta, risotto, or go straight for the grilled seafood and delight in the region’s gastronomic wonder.

4. Konoba Boccaporta, Pula

Address: Dolinka 18, 52100, Pula

Phone: +38552 506 266

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday, 10:30 AM – 10 Midnight

Sunday, 12 PM – 10 PM

Konoba Boccaporta is popular among the locals and it’s no wonder. Great food and professional service await at this tavern specializing in Istrian gastronomy!

You can opt for a different type of meat or select a seafood dish that will blow you away. Whatever you order, you can’t go wrong because the freshness and flavors in your mouth will send your tastebuds on a journey you may not want to step out of.

5. NOY Asian Cuisine & Bar, Pula

Address: Giardini 1, 52100, Pula

Phone: +385958512780

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday, 8 AM – 12 Midnight

The newly-renovated restaurant is right at the Pula Old Town and it’s the only sushi place in the city, easily narrowing our search. Istrian seafood is undoubtedly tasty, however, sushi is synonymous with seafood. NOY is complemented with a beautiful bar and serves up sushi in the evening – a perfect setting surrounded by gleaming lights.

Here you will find a simple selection of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese and Chinese dishes to try. Guests who are in search of non-Croatian food may enjoy dining at NOY as it’s certainly not a bad place to indulge in some tuna or salmon.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, opening hours at all the mentioned restaurants are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact the restaurant directly to book a table or for other inquiries. If you are staying at Camp Diana, you may ask our team members to reserve a table for you.