How to Save Money Vacationing & Booking at Campsites in Medulin

Campsites in Medulin give guests the opportunity to save money and have a relaxing summer! Vacations can become expensive quickly, especially in today’s time when prices have risen across the board. Croatia is no exception to the recent price hikes but booking a pitch at campsites across Pula and Medulin is an intelligent way to save money as it is often cheaper than other accommodation types. There are a couple of ways to save even more Euros which we’ll show you in this post.

Membership Perks at Campsites in Medulin

Signing up for a camping membership in advance is a great way to save extra money thanks to special discounts and benefits. Although they vary per membership, often you might find that it can still be beneficial to you and your wallet. If your camping Medulin vacation takes you to Camp Diana then you’ll be pleased to learn that we have five membership privileges available that entitle you to a 20% discount or a special price for 2 pax during selected seasons.

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When it comes to camping membership cards, ACSI and ADAC are the most popular and offer decent perks for campsites in Medulin. We recommend that you check out the available membership options that are accepted by your Medulin campsite of choice.

Going Off-Season to Campsites in Medulin

There are a handful of reasons why camping in the off-season is better, none the least is, of course, avoiding the crowds. Summers in Istria are a known fact to be packed no matter the town, including here in Banjole. You can easily skip this unpleasant scenario by choosing campsites in Medulin to vacation at during the pre- or post-season which is generally before June and from September onwards.

Some campsites in Pula and Medulin offer different and cheaper prices during the off-season and the deals can be as fantastic as costing 50% less while offering the same facilities and services. That certainly isn’t a bad deal for a night’s rest at campsites in Medulin!

VIA Istra Card

VIA Istra card is a new tourism card that lets you explore the most popular tourist attractions across the peninsula on top of public transportation services all within a great deal! Guests can choose from a 1-Day, 3-Day, or 7-Day card depending on their preference.

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If you are staying at one of the campsites in Medulin or Pula, then a 1-Day card (27,89 €) will suffice. It gets you 72-hour access on the Pulapromet bus lines and one-time access to the Pula Amphitheater (Pula Arena), Temple of Augustus, Zerostrasse underground tunnels and Pula Castle.

It will further help you to avoid the long queues, particularly at the Arena during the high season, the traffic, and the expensive, high-season parking prices in the center of Pula. With the usual tourist crowds and hot temperatures, you’ll want to skip queuing and let somebody else drive you.

Bring Your Own Beach Gear

When you think of vacationing in southeastern Europe, you might think that things are cheaper here, but that may not always be true. In fact, items such as beach chairs, beach towels, and children’s beach toys are the most expensive during the summer compared to other seasons.

Some campsites in Medulin such as Camp Indije have a store in the vicinity selling food and summer gear. There are discount stores such as KiK and Tedi in Pula which you can easily find when camping in Pula. However, we suggest that you explore the summer products which are available at home.

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Maybe there’s a great discount for beach chairs in Germany during the Winter that you pack in our RV or car. Better yet, it’s an excellent way to reduce your carbon emissions as you’d avoid buying new items that you already have at home. If it is not feasible, we recommend the Decathlon store in Pula where you’ll find a wide array of affordable goods for the summer.

Know the Town’s Grocery Stores in Pula

One thing you’ll notice during your camping Medulin journey is the number of local and international grocery stores available. Knowing the advantages and weekly discounts of each store chain can go a long way in maximizing your budget. The three stores with the most locations in Medulin and Pula are Lidl, Plodine, Konzum, and Ultra.

For guests staying at any of the campsites in Medulin, including Camp Diana, Konzum and Ultra are the closest stores within walking distance. Our advice is if you’re in a rush or simply opting for convenience then Konzum and Ultra will do, however, they are significantly more expensive than Plodine and, especially, Lidl.

On the other hand, Plodine is great for cheaper prices on meat (mostly pork and beef), cheese, and delicatessen products like sliced ham. Lidl offers the best overall prices in Medulin and Pula except for the meat. In general, you can check out the weekly discount flyers here and the Lidl Plus app provides the digital flyers of their Croatian stores.

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Order Family-Sized Takeaways

What if we told you that it’s possible to avoid cooking altogether and still save money? Yes, it’s true! You can order family-sized meals ranging from soups, main courses, desserts, and more via Valfresco Direkt. Just input 52100 Banjole – Pula as the postal code and avoid cooking. There is a wide selection of food available ranging from local, regional, and international and what we find are at reasonable prices compared to restaurants.

Fresh fruits and vegetables and other shopping items such as laundry detergent and beverages are also on offer. For basic shopping goods like detergent and the like, Valfresco has fair prices like in Plodine, Konzum, and Lidl. What you’ll mostly love about their services is that everything will be delivered to the campsite and you’ll also be supporting local producers.

Ultimately, vacationing does not have to be expensive and there are plenty of campsites in Medulin that can make enjoyment under the sun affordable. We hope that we’ve shed some light on ways to maximize the most buck out of your camping Medulin vacation and hopefully, we’ll get to see you at Camp Diana!