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Staying at one of the campsites in Pula gives you the perfect opportunity to visit Istria and explore this charming region. This beloved Mediterranean peninsula is teeming with discoveries of nature, history, and a proud legacy in gastronomy. Our family-friendly camping Pula destination is situated in this award-winning region, where the picturesque Adriatic Sea, luscious greenery, and adrenaline-rushing hilly terrain come together to give you an unforgettable vacation.

When you come to Istria, prepare to be enchanted by its captivating coastal towns and quaint fishing villages, each steeped in a rich heritage of embracing fresh, locally sourced ingredients and preserving time-honored traditions. These are interwoven into the colorful fabric of Istrian life, which you can taste in the cuisine, feel in your soul, and is visible all around you. Indulge in fresh seafood, comforting gastronomy, and world-renowned olive oil and wines to be fully immersed in the rich tapestry of Istrian culture.

This vibrant region is a haven for young and older people, where the melody of life plays in perfect harmony and hums with excitement. In Istria, you decide whether to leisurely coast along or live life in full speed because anything is possible here. As your family-friendly camping Pula destination this summer, we invite you to visit Istria, our remarkable home.

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The serene environment and relaxing ambiance of Istria are befitting of the region's motto of "Life As It Should Be." There is plenty to love about the region, from the warmth of the people to food that speaks to your soul to the stunning landscapes. The passion for life reverberates throughout the peninsula, making Istria the perfect haven to rediscover and rekindle your zest for life.

Feel this spark when you visit Istria and travel across the many enchanting towns and cities that infuse your life with vibrant colors and harmony. Embark on your journey to the heart of Istria with us at Camp Diana, your ideal family-friendly camping Pula destination.

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