Keeping You Safe during COVID

Camp Diana has been taking the necessary steps to keep our guests safe during COVID since 2019. You deserve peace of mind and reassurance that you are in the best hands possible when vacationing during such unpredictable times. As many residents in Europe have also noticed during the pandemic is how fast-changing travel and border regulations have become. The fact is simple: Traveling is not what it used to be anymore. However, our Banjole campsite has you covered.

We admit that the constant changes to border regulations can be overwhelming for us and there are times where we, ourselves, can’t decipher what the regulations are for foreigners. But luckily, the EU has stepped up its efforts in streamlining travel regulations for EU Member-States via the Re-Open EU website. This type of information is one of the things that we share with our guests before they make their way to Croatia and upon returning home. You have the right to know your rights when traveling to Croatia during COVID and we are right behind you in finding the answers.

Just exactly how else have equipped ourselves to reassure you when staying with us?

COVID-Safe Campsite in Croatia

Camp Diana has received certification as a ‘Stay Safe in Croatia‘ campsite in early 2021 meaning that we prescribe to the national epidemiological recommendations that apply in our homeland. Our campsite has been vetted and checked by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism who, in turn, confirmed our COVID-safe camp. This year, we’ve also provided more space between campers and increased our hygiene measures – efforts that are in line with our ‘Stay Safe in Croatia’-certified accolade.

But there’s more!

Although it is not mandatory for tourism workers to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, our three (3) team members are all fully vaccinated. The decision was straightforward for us and that is, we want to keep ourselves safe and healthy and also our guests.

We’ve got you covered

While it’s no longer necessary to provide an accommodation document, we prepare it for you to print or save on your phone in case you run into any obstacles. Given the nature of today’s pandemic times, we find it is better to be prepared than unprepared. In keeping with this belief, we keep ourselves informed on the latest updates and information provided by the local tourism board that could affect our guests.

Our guests are provided important links in their emails pertaining to vacationing during the pandemic in Croatia in addition to a list of emergency numbers here. We also share information about COVID testing locations and prices transparently to our guests and visitors of our website. It’s our duty to be on the lookout and to relay any crucial information to you, our valued guest(s).

Present Online

Our Banjole campsite has several digital channels on our official website, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and also WhatsApp. Each platform is geared towards different objectives though the ultimate goal is to deliver important information to you. Our Facebook page contains all sorts of COVID-19 information surrounding testing locations, border regulations, and more. Of course, we also share promotional content about our website, too!

Then there’s our Instagram page that’s dedicated to inspiring you to either travel to Istria or within the peninsula. For every digital channel, be it Facebook or WhatsApp, our team is online and readily available to answer your inquiries. Information travels fast and we want you to be in the know for the most significant ones.