Important Camp Updates to Know during the Extreme Weather

Latest Updates for You:

Water Restrictions

Due to the ongoing drought, the Istrian government has imposed water restrictions. 💧 Please note that some water-related maintenance and upkeep work, such as pool cleaning, at Camp Diana will temporarily be stopped due to the restrictions. You can also do your part by reducing your water usage during your vacation! 🙂

Extreme Heat

(1) Extreme heat and heatwaves continue to affect Europe so we ask all guests to take extra precautions! ☀️ Stay hydrated, wear the right gear 😎, stay in the shade, use sunscreen, and never leave children 👶 unattended inside a vehicle.

(2) The drought and extreme heat put Istria’s many nature parks and woods at a HIGH RISK of fire. 🔥 It also affects our campsite as we have many trees 🌳🌲 that protect our guests from the heat. To avoid any fires, please remain vigilant and mindful of any activities that involve an open flame. 🔴🟠

Please be aware that lighting a flame in an open space in Istria is ILLEGAL during the summer! ❌ Camp Diana provides fire extinguishers 🧯 at designated points on our campsite so please take note of where it is in case of a fire emergency.

If you find yourself in need of any emergency assistance, please contact one of the emergency numbers listed in the above posts!

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