The Ultimate Pula Shopping Guide: From Urban Shopping Malls to Charming Streets

The Pula shopping experience offers a unique blend of modernity and historic charm, showcased through the city’s vibrant shopping scene. While Pula is renowned for its rich history and beautiful architecture, it also boasts chic shopping malls featuring the latest fashion trends, highlighting the versatility of Istria’s largest city. Visitors can shop at the Old Town district where fashion designers masterfully combine elements of Croatian style with modern fashion. Located in the heart of the historic area, it is easy to weave through historical landmarks, buzzing streets, and captivating stores. In this ultimate Pula shopping guide, we will take you through the best shopping spots in the city, ensuring you leave with delightful finds.

Old Town Splendor

If part of your Pula shopping itinerary includes specialty stores and boutiques, then a visit to Sergijevaca Street will be perfect for you! It may not be part of the shopping malls in Pula, but this street is a favorite destination for retail therapy. From fashion to accessories to local products and souvenirs, there is a wide range of shops that will surely catch your eye. Croatian designers skillfully blend modernity and tradition in every textile and accessories product, noticeable in the details.  

This street is well-known for showcasing eclectic and one-of-a-kind products in the city, such as the Duck Boutique Pula. At the store, you will find ducks wearing a Croatian national jersey as well as a duck dressed as Batman, leaving plenty of room for imaginative creations that you can bring home as souvenirs. Being a seaside city, fishing is a key aspect of life in Pula thus you can purchase specialty tinned fish from the Hook & Cook Shop, also on Sergijevaca Street.

Modern Retail Therapy

The modern Pula shopping experience takes you to Pula City Mall and Max City. Both are the primary shopping malls in Pula offering a range of stores catering to any retail need. From regional and international brands like C&A and SNIPES, modern fashion is accessible and in abundance in the city. Croatians have a keen interest in fashion trends and place significant emphasis on their appearance, offering visitors firsthand access to stylish and attractive clothing.

Max City is the biggest shopping mall in Pula, complete with the Cinestar movie theater for days when you want to skip the outdoors and stay cool with the family. It is an ideal destination for purchasing electronic goods or last-minute supplies as the mall has a rich variety of shops and amenities. Some local vendors who sell handcrafted products and goods that you can take home as souvenirs to remind you of this historic city.

Pula City Mall, the second largest shopping center in Pula, offers a diverse range of stores, from fashion to electronics. Despite its smaller scale, it provides family-friendly amenities such as a children’s playground and the Batak restaurant, which serves elevated Croatian cuisine. The Decathlon store is located adjacent to the mall, making it a prime location for convenient shopping.

Pula Market

Far from an experience at a shopping mall in Pula, the Pula Market offers an intimate look at shopping that is steeped in tradition. With their iconic red umbrellas – just like the red rooftops that symbolize Croatian-style homes – local vendors showcase their farm-grown vegetables, fruits, and other specialty products. The Pula shopping story in this part of the city is mostly centered on food items such as local honey and the infamous rakija (brandy). In the olden days, the market was the beating heart of city life where locals would meet and socialize while purchasing goods for their household. To get a slice of this Pula shopping tradition, come to the market and join in the daily trade activities with the locals!

Souvenir Shopping

Before you wrap up the Pula shopping experience, we recommend making your way to DELIIICIJE and Distillery “Aura” in the Old Town for all your souvenir shopping needs. Pula and Istria are renowned for their beauty and historical charm, however, it also has a longstanding history in gastronomy. Freshly prepared food highlighting the freshest ingredients as well as award-winning olive oil and truffle specialties are among some of the traditional Istrian souvenirs that would make perfect gifts to share with your loved ones back home.

DELIIICIJE has your sweet tooth covered with an array of Istrian chocolates, cookies, and regional sweet delicacies. For visitors with an adult preference for their souvenirs, we suggest the Distillery “Aura.” The shop sells a complete range of the family-owned distillery’s products and other items, such as locally produced food items. You will also find attractive souvenir options being sold at shopping malls in Pula if you are in the vicinity.

The Pula shopping scene highlights old and new trends in fashion and retail therapy. While Pula is a city rich in history, it has also introduced modern elements of today. From shopping malls in Pula to trendy bars, and an expanding number of fusion restaurants, the city celebrates the past and also embraces the future. The retail therapy experience in this city exemplifies this blend, where local vendors’ shops seamlessly coexist with those of international brands. In Pula, tradition and modernity converge, offering a shopping experience that is timeless and contemporary.