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Banjole Highlights

small village, big life

Our campsite in Banjole is located at this former fishing village in Istria, Croatia that has transformed into a popular tourist destination among young families, sports enthusiasts, and retired couples. While Banjole sits just beyond the bustling historic center of Pula, it is naturally gifted with the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and well-preserved wilderness. There are plenty of thrilling sports activities and Banjole attractions to explore in this little-known Istrian village.

Bike through striking hills and tranquil paths to reach the renowned Cape Kamenjak, where endless outdoor adventures await at every turn. Balance your adventurous spirit with moments of tranquility as you relax on one of the many serene beaches surrounding Banjole. Home to Michelin-star restaurant, Konoba Batelina, and a slew of other family-friendly Banjole restaurants, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to authentic Istrian cuisine.

Turn your long-awaited vacation plans into reality and join us at our campsite in Banjole for a memorable camping experience that will have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed!

Always Sunny

Local Feast

Nature's Best

Smart Location, Smart Travel

best things to do in Banjole

We are letting you in on a little secret by revealing the best restaurants and attractions in Banjole! The array of attractions in Banjole showcase the exquisite synergy of land, sea, and sun, offering visitors a captivating blend of natural beauty and adventure. This local guide also highlights the most recommended places to wine, dine, and shop in the surrounding area.
Our campsite in Banjole has curated this travel guide with a focus on ‘local’ in mind, from taverns to grocery stores and farm produce. High-quality ingredients are essential in traditional Istrian cuisine, and local businesses across Istria and Banjole excel at producing homegrown and homemade produce, olive oil, and dairy products. Experience a memorable and delightful journey when you visit this popular family-friendly tourist destination in southern Istria.



Enjoy freshly-baked breads and pastries from the early morning to evening at the nearby bakeries Vilson and Nello. Our family-friendly Banjole campsite is strategically located to Vilson Bakery that is steps away from our camping ground. Start your mornings with these delicious treats and set the perfect tone for your day!
fruits & vegetables

Produce Stall

Produce stalls can be found throughout many camping Medulin locations, featuring locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also taste the sweet life by indulging in honey and jams from local producers, the perfect accompaniment to your slice of toast.
flavors for days


Campsites in Banjole are spoiled for choice when it comes to quality traditional gastronomy. Just a short walk from Camp Diana, you'll find the Michelin-starred Konoba Batelina, renowned for its fresh daily seafood. Nearby, you'll also discover sushi restaurants and taverns serving mouthwatering grilled meats, pizzas, and pastas. A culinary adventure awaits!

Grocery Store

If you run out of supplies, our Banjole campsite is conveniently located near Ultra (800m) or Konzum (2KM) grocery stores. These stores offer a wide range of regional and national brand products, including food, hygiene supplies, cleaning items, and more, ensuring all your shopping needs are easily met.

Gas Station

Before you depart to your next destination from any of the campsites in Banjole, make sure to refill your car or camper's gas tank at Petrol. While you're there, grab some snacks and drinks for the road to keep you fueled and refreshed on your journey!
Prima Pharmae


While we hope your camping experience in Medulin is free of illness or accidents, you can rest assured that medication and medical supplies are readily available. Prima Pharmae pharmacy is well-stocked with a wide range of medications to cover most medical needs, ensuring peace of mind during your stay.
Dental Studio Merkler


If you experience dental issues during your stay at our Banjole campsite, certified dentist Dr. Merkler is available to help alleviate your pain. Scheduling an appointment is highly recommended to ensure timely care.


Say goodbye to dirty clothes at campsites in Banjole! With convenient self-service laundry facilities across the Petrol gas station, you can easily keep your clothes clean and fresh throughout your stay.
Banjole d.o.o.

Car Repair

Unexpected car troubles can arise during your time camping in Medulin, but you can have peace of mind knowing there’s a reliable car repair shop located behind Konzum and Petrol in Banjole. With experienced mechanics on hand, your car or bike will be well taken care of.

Car Wash

Ensure your campers and car shine bright during your summer camping trip in Medulin! Visit the Daytona self-service car wash center, where you'll find complete facilities to thoroughly clean your vehicle inside and out, leaving it sparkling like new.
Studio LE POSH

Hair Salon

In the neighborhood of our Banjole campsite, you'll find Studio LE POSH, your go-to spot for all your hair needs. From stylish cuts to treatments for eyelashes and eyebrows, they'll have you glowing like the sunny days of summer in no time!
famous and beautiful

Centinera Beach

A key Banjole attraction is Centinera Beach which is within a 1KM vicinity from Camp Diana. This beach in Banjole is family-friendly, offering water attractions and a hotel restaurant from Centinera Resort. With rock and sandy beaches, it is a safe and easy choice for families with young children eager to explore the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea.
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a fun-tastic port

Vinkuran Port

Discover the charm of Vinkuran Port, a nearby Banjole attraction showcasing an idyllic Istrian landscape complete with boats, clean water, luscious forests, and islets. Explore the handful of swimming spots around the port and immerse yourself in the beauty of Soline Nature Park and Beach.
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ancient Roman quarry

Cavae Romanae

One of the things to do in Banjole is the Roman stone quarry in nearby Vinkuran, just 2.5 km from the campsite. This historical site, believed to be the oldest stone quarry in Istria, offers a dramatic and spectacular setting. In recent years, it has become a unique venue for various concerts, with colorful lights illuminating the ancient quarry, adding to its enchanting atmosphere.
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Kamenjak Nature Park

The highlight of our campsite location is its close proximity to the ultimate Medulin attraction, Kamenjak Nature Park. Just 7.5 km from our Banjole campsite, this protected park is a haven for adventure and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether you're into cliff diving, snorkeling, or adventure biking, Kamenjak offers adrenaline-pumping activities and serene natural beauty for everyone to enjoy.
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Archaeological Park Vižula

Located just 8 km from our Banjole campsite, the tranquil Medulin attraction of Vižula was once a revered Roman villa destination. This family-friendly site offers a perfect blend of fun and education. With direct access to the sea, pristine nature, children's play areas, and interactive learning facilities, Vižula provides an ideal setting for a fantastic day out.
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Just 10 km from the campsite, the famous Pula Arena stands as a highlight among attractions near Banjole. Conveniently nestled between Medulin and Pula, this historic site is easily accessible for visitors. As the world's sixth-largest surviving Roman arena, a trip to Pula is incomplete without a photo inside the Arena. During the summer, this majestic amphitheater comes alive with family-friendly gladiator shows, making it a must-visit destination.
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Shall We Go Camping?

Go camping in Pula and Banjole this Summer and bask in the pristine natural beauty of Istria, Croatia! Our Camp Diana team will be ready to welcome you with pleasure and a smile.