Things to Do in Pula and Exciting Attractions You Can’t Miss

It’s nearly time for your vacation and with plenty of touristy things to do in Pula, you’re in for a great time! Bring out the cheesiest tourist in you as you explore historic and exciting Pula attractions. Pula is steeped in history stretching back as far as the Roman Empire, the Venetian Republic, and the days of the Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy. When you visit one of the many attractions in Pula, it will feel like stepping back in time and reliving the past. So pack your best summer outfit, bring your hat and a backpack, and come explore these quintessential destinations in Pula!

Pula Arena

No trip to this city would be complete without visiting the spectacular Pula Arena. Built between 27 BC and 68 and during the reign of Augustus, this iconic landmark is also the world’s sixth-largest surviving Roman arena. Although the days of gladiator fights are long gone, tourists can witness the recreation of such fights during the peak summer months through the Spectacvla Antiqva event. As one of the most-visited Pula attractions, there is more to the Pula Arena beyond the amphitheater.

There is an underground section where tourists can cool down and also get a firsthand look at where gladiators once waited before their fight as well as an olive oil exhibition. Naturally, it’s been recreated to capture the production process back like those in the olden days. There is also a gift shop for tourists interested in taking a piece of history back home. If you’re looking for things to do in Pula, be sure to include the Pula Arena in your itinerary!

Pula Market/Tržnica

One of the things to do in Pula is to visit the Pula Market or what the locals call ‘tržnica.’ The market also serves as a gathering point for locals as they purchase fresh produce, sip macchiato, and socialize. Mornings are a particularly busy time if you are curious to get a glimpse of what daily life in Pula looks like. Be sure to bring plenty of cash as you might want to purchase locally-grown produce or products. Of all the available Pula attractions, the vibrant energy and colorful sights at the Pula Market offer a truly novel experience for tourists.

Source: Pexels

More Roman Sites: Arch de Sergii & Temple of Augustus

There are two other notable Pula attractions when you make your way to the center of Pula in which the Arch de Sergii will be one of the first attractions in Pula to greet you. Standing majestically at the entryway of the Old City district, this triumphal arch commemorates the powerful Sergii family, particularly Lucius Sergius Lepidus, whose power lasted for centuries. As you pass by the arch and make your way towards City Hall, you will find the Temple of Augustus which was built and dedicated to the first Roman emperor. It is one of three temples although not all of them survived. One of the things to do in Pula, while you’re in the area, is to visit the exhibition inside the Temple of Augustus which features retrieved artifacts.

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Zerostrasse + Kastel

If you’ve ever wondered what an underground bunker looks like, you don’t want to miss these two attractions in Pula: Zerostrasse and Kaštel. Stretching across nearly the entire city, these underground tunnels were created during the First World War to shelter residents from air raids. The tunnel system can accommodate up to 50,000 people and was designed to include trenches, shelters, ammunition storage, and communication passages.

If you’re looking for some things to do in Pula that will keep you away from the summer heat while still diving deep into the city’s rich history, Zerostrasse is the perfect choice. Nowadays, it features numerous exhibitions about premodern Pula with a heavy emphasis on the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s influence.

When you’re ready to return to normal altitude, you can take the elevator up to Kaštel where more interesting exhibitions await! The outdoor section of Kaštel features a glimpse of Pula from a hilltop that might be of interest to photographers. Choosing Zerostrasse means you’re choosing two Pula attractions for the price of one.

Pula Aquarium

As one of the most family-friendly Pula attractions, the Pula Aquarium has family fun and education for you! Situated inside Verudela, you can spend several hours learning about the marine creatures of the Mediterranean Sea as well as the conservation work of the Aquarium before spending time in the Verudela complex afterward. You can catch the sunset or swim at the famous Ambrela Beach or opt for mini golf. For tourists with young children, the Pula Aquarium is an ideal destination to include in your things to do in Pula itinerary.

With various attractions in Pula, there will be plenty of time and things to do in Pula too! The city is great for families with younger and older children, couples, retirees, and history enthusiasts too. The summer days can be quite hot, but you can rest assured that several Pula attractions will shield you from the blistering heat. Visit the historic city of Pula, we’re waiting for you!